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Irish Food Recipes - Foodie


Amazing Foodie Magazine issue 05 has arrived!*"Irish Food Recipes - Foodie" is the best food magazine for all gourmets! * Plenty of good food recipes with pictures!* Cook as Irish chefs – Guinness bundt cake, apple crumble, carrot soup, Irish beef stew, Shepherd's pie, Dublin coddle, Irish coffee, etc.All fans of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, brace yourselves because the new Foodie is here: Irish Food Recipes - Foodie will bring you delicious Irish food recipes that will help you prepare hearty and heartwarming traditional meals!
With our excellent “cooking ideas and recipes” you'll prepare delicious Irish meals! Cooking recipes, baking recipes, ideas for desserts, sandwiches, Irish soups and sauces and many other original Irish recipes from “cooking books” will turn you into a master chef! This “free recipes app for Android” is here to make your life easier! Have good food recipes app always at hand and everyone will adore your specialties!
* Discover the Nutrition behind Colors – find out the health benefits behind each color of fruit and vegetables!* Read about The Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort, and The Brasserie restaurant in Ireland!
Simply download our “yummy recipes app” for free and enjoy making food for your dear ones! Search among our healthy food recipes - pear and chicory smoothie, salads - Heringssalat, delicious desserts - semifreddo, chilled strawberry soup, iced peach, melon yogurt and some lovely popsicles, and many other “quick and easy recipes”! Since it's the holiday season, get the best holiday recipes, and surprise your friends with brand new cooking ideas and recipes!
Install this “free cooking magazine” on your smartphone and become a member of our FOODIE food network! Try out the traditional Irish cuisine, and learn various things about cooking, kitchen utensils, food and nutrition etc. Get these amazing food recipes free of charge and join the cooking fever! After French food recipes, Italian food recipes and Chinese food recipes, we decided to make the Irish food cookbook simply to please your needs! Enjoy it!
Irish Food Recipes - Foodie is a free recipes app for Android users! Meet the Irish cuisine with this Irish food magazine – enjoy cooking and eating the best Irish desserts, salsas, stir fry! Our food recipes app has recipes by ingredients, with pictures and detailed descriptions of the food preparation process. The easy-to-use app and easy-to-cook recipes – this “gourmet magazine” is a real must-have, don't miss it!
Foodie 5 will endow you with holiday cooking ideas, easy cooking recipes for dinner or launch, extraordinary cakes and desserts and plenty of tips and tricks you should use in cooking! Learn new and amazing salad recipes, dessert recipes, cookie recipes, seafood recipes, meat dishes, tips and tricks in cooking, and make your own food like a master chef! If you're looking for free cooking magazines, Irish Food Recipes - Foodie is the perfect choice for you! Free food magazines for smartphones and tablets are made for modern chefs – have your favorite “cooking book” always at hand! Our free food magazine is the ultimate cookbook with recipes, pictures, the process of food preparation explained step by step, and with all ingredients listed! Enjoy reading interesting facts about cuisine and cooking, enlarge your collection of recipes and become the best of all chefs!
This edition of Foodie makes a culinary travel to Ireland, but if you download our other issues as well, you'll get familiar with Chines food, kebab recipes, Turkish food, Korean food recipes and many other soul food recipes!
Wait no more, download this free cooking magazine now and enjoy Irish food in your home!